The MULTISERV acts in electronics area, with emphasis in informatics sector, providing services for big companies of the sector. They are: Manufacturer of microcomputers, automaker of plates, distributors and resellers. We have technical laboratories equipped with instrumentation, soldering stations for SMD components (including BGA components) and industrial equipments, specific expertise in digital electronics and analogical areas.

To perform our services, we use industrials process and techniques. In all stages of our process, we use techniques to control of electrostatic discharge (ESD). We have identification systems and traceability in all stages of the process.

Our technical team is qualified and always keeps updated with new technologies available in the market, through many channels of information, training, conventions and agreements of cooperation with the mains technical schools and universities of São Paulo state.

Our constant concern with technology and processes results in services with high level of quality, adequate delivery time and competitive prices.

consertos em laboratório de tecnologia
laboratório de tecnologia
Consertos em equipamentos eletrônicos
equipamentos eletrônicos
equipamentos eletrônicos